My teaching experiences include undergraduate and graduate classes,  conducting on-air immigrant rights classes on radio and television , and  teaching human rights law and popular protest strategies to Mekong region lawyers, journalists and activists.  The breadth and challenges of these experiences has made me think long and hard about the practices and purposes of pedagogy, and this work has constituted the most rewarding aspect of my career.  At American University, I teach advanced undergraduate research methods and Latin American geography.  




Field Research, Uncertainty, and the Politics of Fear,  (Advanced Undergraduate Research Methods, (Spring 2018) School of International Service, American University)

Violent Uncertainty: Geographies of Disposession, Terror, and Insecurity (Geog 420). Graduate level seminar. (Fall 2016) University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Lecturer, The Geography of Latin America: Conquest, Cold War, Globalization (Geog 348) Geography and International Area Studies (Spring 2016), University of Wisconsin, Madison


Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award: University of California, Berkeley. (2014-2015) Awarded for superlative teaching and mentoring throughout graduate career.


Head Graduate Student Instructor, The Southern Border, Geography and Ethnic Studies, (Instructors: Prof. Beatriz Manz and Harley Shaiken) Fall 2010, Fall 2014. University of California, Berkeley.


Lecturer, Globalization: Conflict, Inequality, and Ethics in the Age of Hyper-Connection

Geography. Summer Session 2014. (I designed the course syllabus)


Graduate Student Instructor, Environmental Politics: Nature, Identity, and Difference, Geography, (Instructor: Prof. Jake Kosek) Spring 2011, University of California, Berkeley


Graduate Student Instructor, Geography of Militarism, Geography  (instructor: Prof. Jake Kosek) Spring 2009. University of California, Berkeley


EarthRights International Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The History and Politics of Human Rights, Summer 2009, Summer 2010. Designed and taught course on the history and application of international human rights law to lawyers, journalists, and human rights activists from Thailand, Laos, Burma, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Provided research project assistance and engaged with students using a wide variety of teaching techniques and media.


International Institute of the Bay Area Immigration Law, Citizenship, and Immigrant Rights for Practioners, 2004-2007. Designed and taught course modules in US immigration law and immigrant rights for legal advocates, social workers, and law enforcement as well as for popular education campaigns on radio and television.