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Scholarly writings


Mortal Doubt: Transnational Gangs and Social Order in Guatemala City


Published by University of California Press in November 2018. Winner of The William LeoGrande Award (2017-2018), for the best scholarly piece in Latin American and Latino studies written by American University faculty.



2023 “Taxation and Incarceration: Prisons and Protection Rackets in Guatemala”, European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (under review)


2023 “’The Kidnappers are the Police’: Forced Migration and the Criminal State” Political Geography (under review)

2022 “Carceral Community in the Time of COVID-19: Isolation, Adaption, and Predation in a Guatemalan Prison” Punishment & Society (Published online 10/7/2022) https://10.1177/14624745221129425


2022 “Becoming Fugitive: Prison Breaks and the Space of Punishment”, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, (Published online 10/12/2022)


2019 “Portrait of a ‘Real’ Marero: Truth and Fantasy in Stories of Violence.” Ethnography (2019): 1466138118805123.


2019“La Visita: Prisons and Survival in Guatemala” Lead author with Kevin L. O’Neill. Journal of Latin American Studies, 51.1 (2019): 85-107.


2018 “Scam as Survival.” Lead author with Kevin L. O’Neill. Ethnography (2018): 1466138118805117.


2017 “Making Do: The Practice of Imprisonment in Post-War Guatemala” Co-authored with Kevin L. O’Neill. Journal of Latin American Geography 16(2): 31-48.


2017 “Espacios de encarcelamiento en Guatemala” (2017) Co-authored with Kevin L. O’Neill, Ecuador Debate 101:pgs 87-97; August, Centro Andino de Accion Popular


2016 “Extorted Life: Protection Rackets in Guatemala City.” (2016) Public Culture, Volume 28, number 3, 80: 593-616



2021 “Border, Ghetto, Prison: Cocaine and Social Order in Central America,” in Cocaine: From Coca Fields to the Streets, eds. Desmond Arias and Thomas Grisaffi, Duke University Press.




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